I’ve been hugely impressed with the nursery since my child started last year. He’s been made to feel really welcome, and he looks forward to going in every day.
He speaks fondly about the activities which are on offer, and they seem varied and educational. He and I particularly like how much time is spent outside, exploring the woods and going to the park.
Claire, Fliss and Lucy genuinely care about the children, and it’s clear to see the bonds they’ve created.
I can’t fault anything!


I love seeing pictures and hearing all about my child’s morning at Nursery. There is always so much to do – fun, educational, happy & caring activities. She has made some lovely friends and I really like how “kind hands” & caring for each other is implemented each day to all the staff and children. For me I feel the social aspect is very important, about her learning how to make friends and interact with them… and I know this is learnt at Nursery. My child has been having some separation anxiety which we are working through, Nursery have been supportive and they have done a home visit so we can discuss things further and try to make a plan to help my child. When my child arrives at Nursery she is always welcomed by a member of staff and is helped in. I have every faith that she is being looked after well at Nursery and if there were any problems I would be contacted straight away.
The activities that Nursery provide are fab and I love seeing on the Facebook page what the children have been up to that morning. They look to be having so much fun, whilst learning at the same time! The other day the children went for a walk in the local wood and explored, and found a treasure box and collected leaves etc. She absolutely loved this and told me all about it! She also tells me which snack she has had every day, and she loves making food like soup and enjoys eating it. You’ve also got her to try new things like olives!
I always recommend the Nursery to friends with children as I do believe it’s one of the best around.